Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Works for me Wednesday backwards edition.

This week we are supposed to ask the masses for help.

Mine is scheduling. Being a stay at home wife means I don't have to get up in the morning. However, it is a huge drawback if I don't. I can't seem to get anything done and I'm not sure what to do about it. If I don't have to be anywhere why get up early?

What is your schedule like? If you have kids now, how did you get up before kids?

For that matter, how do you get to sleep? If it difficult for you do you have any tricks?

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  1. I have certain points in the day when things must be done, it's not a constant schedule, but a guideline for me. 8:00 we start school, 11:00 lunch, 3:00 school must be done and supper started, 7:00 winding down time and bath time, 8:00 bed. Everything else fits into these times. It's not too strict, but it works and keep the day moving

  2. I try to get up around when my husband does. I don't -have- to but I find my day goes a little more smoothly when I am up, showered, and dressed pretty early on.

    I think it's hard to have a "schedule" though. The only other thing that's really set for me is getting dinner ready and then I just kinda wing it. I do think I want to get a cleaning schedule in place because I'm really not the greatest housekeeper right now *L*


    I write down everything I need to get done that day and I'm gleeful as I strike things off the list!

  4. I have found that following a written schedule and implementing a morning and evening routine is helpful for me. A lot of it though, is self discipline. Try setting small goals for yourself throughout the day to stay motivated! And visit my blog! I talk a lot about scheduling!

  5. I'm a dedicated early riser - getting up at 6 or before is heaven to me (I have 2 little kids so it's my "me" time). I try to get as much done in that early 2-hr block as possible so that my afternoons are more restful and free for impromptu stuff like having friends over for playdates. Or naps. :-) That said, my husband is practically non-functional before 9am. I don't get it, but I respect it. :-)