Sunday, March 15, 2009


Today is one of those days I've always dreamed about. You know the ones where everything seems to fall into place. Those are a rarity around here but the hope of another always keeps me going. Today I woke up late, Jason let me sleep in even though I told him not to. He had straightened up the living room. It's not perfect but it never is. Then he said the magic words, Home Depot. He wanted to go buy organizational items! Usually I'm the one that dreams of the perfectly lined up bins, all labeled of course. I couldn't believe it so off we go, I was not about to miss this opportunity.

We had a nice lunch out and went over to shop. He wanted stuff for the house, I wanted to do the shed. It's rather large and I know it could hold everything we need to get out of the house. We picked up a shelving system and bins to fit it perfectly. Two little plastic garage cabinets, peg boards, and all kinds of specialty hooks. Even though we got home at 4:00pm and he still had to change the oil in my vehicle he agreed to help empty the shed. I put together all the pieces and put them into place we did a rough sort. Everything that was in an open box, wet box(we found a leak at the door), or just tossed about we went through. We ended up throwing away about 2/3 of those items. We both made a commitment, and I hope writing it here helps to keep it, that we will finish it! It already looks so much better so it can only get better from here.

We found several items for a yard sale, hopefully we can earn the money back that we spent organizing. If we can it will be a free shed redo, can't beat that! After it's done I'll post photos of the before and after. I will also give a run down on everything we spent.

All in all, it was a great day!

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