Thursday, April 2, 2009

Taking the time.

Becca spent spring break with us, just like last year. Last year it was hectic and a little nuts. I tried to fit everything I could in and that's when I was still working. This year I tried to do things a little differently, meaning slow down. It was amazing, I feel like we connected better than we had in a long time. I also got to catch up on the lives of the kids at school, I missed knowing what everyone did and said.
We did keep one tradition our annual Spring Break Picnic! Last year it had to be in the living room floor because I put it off and on the last day it rained. I should have taken the time to stop and do the little things instead of things like Chuck E. Cheese. Those aren't the things she will remember!

This year I believe we have started a new tradition, a walk around the lake. We have a beautiful lake at a park that has a 2.4 mile trail around it. We spent over an hour walking and chatting, it was blissful! She said we needed to make this a regular thing, I think she is right.
From our first attempt at a walk around the lake. Two dogs did well, one didn't. This is Becca with our oldest dog Princess, they are good buddies.

Becca pausing on one of the bridges over the lake. The picture really doesn't do the setting justice.

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  1. great pictures and I hope you all have fun

  2. Good for you to build wonderful memories for your niece. Thanks for linking up!

  3. It really is the little things that matter isn't it